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Recovery Hair Spray • MenoFollicle⁺

Recovery Hair Spray • MenoFollicle⁺

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The MenoFollicle+ is an effective hair loss remedy specially developed for women over 45 and in the menopause. The effective hair loss spray uses the natural effectiveness of caffeine, eugenol and sole to rejuvenate hair follicles and promote new, natural hair growth. MenoFollicle+ is specially adapted to the hormonal needs of hair during the menopause and not only supports hair growth, but also ensures a healthy scalp environment.

Against Hormonal Imbalances

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Eugenol counteract inflammation of the scalp and oxidative damage, while Sole improves the pH value and blood circulation of the scalp and promotes the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles.

Hydrate without Greasiness

The hormonal changes of menopause can lead to a dry, itchy or smelly scalp. Unlike oil-based products, which are often heavy and clog pores, the water-based Recovery Spray is easily absorbed and moisturizes the scalp without leaving a residue or greasy layer.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfied customers and long-term customer loyalty are important to us. If you are ever not satisfied with our products, we are always available to address your concerns. Try now without risk.

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Discover the effectiveness of our hair loss remedy, built on the cornerstone of three key components: Caffeine, Eugenol and Brine.

  • Caffeine

    Caffeine activates the hair follicle and promotes hair growth by acting on the hormone DHT, which causes hair loss. With the help of caffeine, hair regrows thicker and healthier.

  • Eugenol

    Eugenol inhibits the spread of aggressive viruses and has anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, this active ingredient stimulates skin blood circulation. As such, it can support the blood supply to the hair and strengthen the hair's anchorage once again.

  • Brine

    Brine has a rejuvenating and refreshing effect on the scalp. Due to its strengthening and anti-inflammatory impact on the hair root, it further promotes hair growth.


Discover the power of our effective hair loss products with our Hair Revitalization Guide.

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Instructions for Use

For optimal results and a continuous supply of nutrients, the Recovery Spray should be massaged into the scalp twice a day using circular motions. The active ingredient complex begins to penetrate and activate the hair roots after the first application. Do not rinse after application to allow the ingredients to fully affect the hair follicles.

Duration of Use and Expected Results

As customer testimonials confirm, the first results of the Recovery Spray are often visible within a few weeks of regular use. To effectively prevent hair loss and promote sustainable hair growth, it's recommended that the spray be used regularly over a longer period. Hair roots are subjected to daily stress and need continuous nutrient supply and care for optimal regeneration.

No Side Effects

All KAMPŌMED products comply with European regulations and are made in Germany. The Recovery Spray consists only of natural ingredients without chemical or hormonal additives, making it side effect-free. Additionally, it is vegan and cruelty-free, reflecting our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.


Aqua, Isopropyl, Alcohol, Sodium Chloride, Glycerin, Polysorbate 20, Caffeine, Parfum, Panthenol, Benzyl Salicylate, Linalool, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Citric Acid, Geraniol, Benzyl Benzoate, Eugenol, Isoeugenol, Sodium Sulfate, CI 47005, CI 61570


Untreated hair loss can lead to a progressive decrease in hair density. This was explored in a study by Kim et al. (2011), which observed changes in hair density in patients with androgenetic alopecia over a period of four years. The results demonstrated that for most patients who did not receive treatment, hair density continued to decrease.

Study: Kim, H. J., et al. (2011). Changes in hair density and size of terminal hair follicles in patients with male pattern hair loss treated with F: Evaluation by phototrichograms. Journal of Dermatology, 38(6), 581-586.


Inspired by Japanese herbal medicine, we create our natural products in an environmentally conscious way, without synthetic additives, to merge health and beauty with Kampō medicine.