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YŌKODERMA K63 Derma Roller for hair & scalp

YŌKODERMA K63 Derma Roller for hair & scalp

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Equipped with 1,400 high-quality, surgical titanium needles with a special needle length, the YōkoDerma Roller provides effective stimulation of the hair follicles for optimal hair growth. The extended roller width of the derma roller allows extensive coverage of the hair/scalp areas, while the innovative 360° rotation technology ensures precise and effortless rolling in all directions.

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The specially developed needle length of 0.63 mm enables the titanium needles of the Dermaroller to effectively penetrate the upper layer of the scalp, thus promoting collagen and elastin production and directly stimulating inactive hair follicles.


The ergonomic cap of the YōkoDerma Roller not only protects the roller from contamination, but also serves as an integrated disinfection tank. Before and after each application, the dermaroller can be easily and efficiently disinfected and cleaned using the antibacterial turn-over tank.


The extended roller width enables wide coverage of large areas of the scalp and effortless treatment, promoting even scalp stimulation and efficient hair growth.


Inspired by Japanese herbal medicine, we create our natural products in an environmentally conscious way, without synthetic additives, to merge health and beauty with Kampō medicine.